Short fasting for weight loss and recovery

In fact, not all weight loss methods are dangerous to health. There are a number of ways not only to lose weight, but also to heal the body at the same time. Short-term and intermittent fasting is one of them.

The word “starvation” should never frighten you or create in your imagination images of great sacrifice, suffering and a strong feeling of hunger. Short-term fasting involves making temporary changes to the diet so that the digestive system can rest a little from the usual rhythm.

Short-term fasting is not a diet

This method of weight loss has nothing to do with the usual refusal to eat. You don’t have to count calories or suffer from constant hunger.

Short-term fasting involves increasing the interval between meals. The easiest way is to increase the break between the last meal (dinner) and the first (breakfast). In this way you will help the body to relax better and digest food more efficiently. This practice is incredibly effective for those who want to lose weight.

If you want to try a short-term fast for the first time, we recommend following this regimen:

  • Breakfast – at 9.00
  • Lunch – at 14:00
  • Dinner – until 21:00

For those who have repeatedly successfully practiced a 12-hour fast, we offer a more complex diet:

  • Breakfast – at 11.00
  • Lunch – at 15.00
  • Dinner – until 19.00

Useful tips for short-term fasting

If you are ready to conduct a small experiment and try a short-term fast, we advise you to take up our useful tips:

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Remember that water should not be drunk during a meal, but between main meals. Very often a person confuses the feeling of hunger with a banal violation of water balance in the body. Want to eat – drink a glass of water.

Do not tolerate hunger if it becomes unbearable. If you are hungry, have a snack. The main thing – do not abuse harmful snacks, choose healthy products.

You can’t eat solid foods during fasting, but you can safely drink medicinal herbal teas.

By practicing fasting regularly, you will feel a strong motivation to continue working on your own body. It will be easier to starve every time, and you will get real pleasure from this process, not suffering.