About us

Hello guys, if it winter and you are reading this introduction, then it is the right time to do that, for it is dedicated to winter sports, and if it is summer now, then even more so! For you have to get prepared to the season.

The first thing that really captivated me, when I was just a teenager, was snowboarding. Actually my father was almost a professional in skiing, but well… too old-fashioned, I guess… Several years of permanent training and I was really good at it. This has not become my profession, but as this was definitely becoming more than just a hobby I started to learn everything which was connected with it – including how favorable it is for the organism in general and my health, what are the specific body parts that can benefit most, and what are the risks in case you have some sickness or a failure. Step by step, I extended my research from just snowboarding onto other winter sports.

So, this blog is not just entertaining (and I have an awesome style), but very useful indeed. Or may be it is not… then just support me by visiting my blog, if you are a real skier or a snowboarder.